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You shouldn't have to do it alone

From periods to pregnancy to menopause our bodies are always changing. Our bodies are capable of incredible feats! Let me be your support through the challenges and changes. Whether you are trying to conceive or just need some support through managing your hormones and cycle, I'd love to share in your journey!


Fertility Support

Whether you are about to start your pregnancy journey or have struggled through the ups and downs of trying for longer than you hoped, I am here to help guide and support you through it all! We may cover topics like cycle charting, hormonal irregularities, nutrition and supplementation.

Birth Control Knowledge

There's nothing more empowering than fully understanding your cycle! I would love to teach you the things your mother or school never taught you about your menstrual cycle. It's not just pills and condoms ;)I can guide you through transitioning off of your hormonal birth control and give you the tools to track and manage your birth control naturally.

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Extensive Cycle Support

If you suffer from irregular, painful, heavy periods, PCOS or Endometriosis, I would love to come alongside and support you. There are some natural ways to help alleviate symptoms and even reverse certain conditions. I can help guide you through trying to conceive or just to help manage these conditions.

Extensive IUI/IVF Support

Embarking on the IVF or IUI journey? Let me guide you through the complexities. We'll unpack treatment protocols, manage potential side effects, and prioritize emotional wellness. 

My role is to provide you with understanding, compassion, and support, regardless of the outcome. Your wellbeing is at the heart of our journey together.


Extensive Menopause Support

Navigating the menopause transition? Allow me to walk beside you through this natural phase of life. Together, we'll explore symptom management strategies, lifestyle adjustments, and holistic wellness practices.

My commitment is to offer you empathy, insights, and unwavering support, ensuring your journey through menopause is understood and honoured.

V.L from BC, Canada

“I'm pregnant! Tiera was so helpful in assisting me with understanding my fertility cycle. Her services were delivered with both empathy and a passion for women’s health. I felt listened to and validated for the health struggles I’ve bexperienced and how this has impacted my cycle. I would highly recommend Tiera for anyone and am so thankful she has been apart of my care team.”
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