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Birth Control Knowledge

As a women's health support provider, I am dedicated to providing you with unbiased education on a variety of birth control options, including natural methods as well as traditional contraceptives such as pills, patches, condoms, and more. 


With my help, you can make an informed decision on what method is best for you in your current season of life.

Know Your Options

I am passionate about providing comprehensive education on the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) as a natural form of birth control for those who prefer not to use synthetic hormone-based contraceptives. 

With my expert guidance, I can train you on how to properly use the FAM for both contraception and conception purposes, empowering you with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions about your reproductive health.

Family Awareness Method

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Birth Control Guidance Package


My 3-month Birth Control Guidance Package is designed to provide you with personalized support, expert knowledge, and a tailored approach to choosing and managing the most suitable birth control method for you, be it natural, hormonal, or barrier-based.


This comprehensive package includes:

A 60-minute initial consultation:


  • Comprehensive review of your cycle history and any reproductive issues

  • In-depth discussion of various birth control options, including natural, hormonal, and barrier methods

  • Customized guidance to help you choose the birth control method best suited to your lifestyle and needs, including custom cycle charting if you choose natural birth control


Two 30-minute follow-up appointments:


  • Review and assessment of your chosen birth control method's effectiveness

  • Re-examination of your cycle management and reproductive health

  • Tailored recommendations for lifestyle and dietary changes to enhance your reproductive health, which you can discuss with your doctor


By dedicating three months to this process, we ensure that you have the time and support needed to truly understand your body, select the right birth control method, and confidently manage your reproductive choices.


Take control of your reproductive health and make informed decisions about your birth control options. 

Contact me today to schedule your initial consultation and take the first step towards a personalized, comprehensive approach to managing your fertility.

Why 3 Months?

Choosing and managing birth control is a journey that requires time, understanding, and adaptation. My 3-month Birth Control Guidance Package is meticulously designed to provide comprehensive support and education, ensuring you make the best choice for your body and lifestyle.


Here's how the 3-month program is structured:

Month 1 - Understanding Your Options:

In our first month, we delve deep into your personal health history and current lifestyle. This initial phase is about understanding the diverse range of birth control methods available – from natural to hormonal and barrier methods. We discuss each option's pros and cons, helping you to start forming a clear picture of what might work best for you.

Month 2 - Implementation and Adaptation:

During the second month, we focus on the practical application. If you've chosen a natural method like FAM, we'll refine your charting skills. For hormonal or barrier methods, we'll monitor how your body is responding and whether your chosen method is aligning with your lifestyle. This period is crucial for identifying any adjustments needed and ensuring your chosen method is effective and comfortable for you.

Month 3 - Assessment and Personalization:

In our final month, we'll reassess and fine-tune. We evaluate how your chosen method is working in harmony with your body and lifestyle. This stage is all about making any necessary adjustments and setting you up for long-term success. By the end of our journey, you'll not only have a birth control method that suits you but also a deeper understanding of your reproductive health.


By dedicating three months to this in-depth process, you're not just choosing a birth control method; you're investing in your reproductive well-being and gaining the tools and knowledge for lifelong, empowered decision-making.

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