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Extensive Menopause Support

Support Along the Journey

Stepping into menopause can feel like embarking on a journey without a map, especially when it seems the medical system offers little guidance for the winding path of perimenopause. Hot flashes, sleep disturbances, mood fluctuations—you’re told these are just part of the package, leaving you feeling a bit lost and on your own. And with the overwhelming flood of do-this, do-that advice across social media, it's hard to separate fact from fiction.

If you’re wanting more understanding of the different hormone replacement therapies, searching for alternatives therapies, or simply wishing for a deeper understanding of your body’s transformation, I’m here to light the way!

 I believe in empowering you with knowledge and compassionate support, crafting a strategy tailored to your unique symptoms and lifestyle, ensuring this transition is not just manageable but meaningful.


Menopause Support Practicum Program $75/month

As I journey towards completing my Menopause Doula certification, I’m thrilled to offer a special Menopause Support Practicum Program. This early-access package is designed for those stepping into or navigating through menopause, providing a unique opportunity for personalized support at a foundational rate. This program is my invitation to you, to join me in this learning journey, offering insight, support, and understanding as we explore the landscape of menopause together.

Early-Access Program Details:

For just $75, this program includes:

  • One 45-60 minute consultation each month: During this session, we’ll dive deep into your personal menopause experience. We’ll discuss:

    • Your symptoms, concerns, and any specific challenges you’re facing.

    • Strategies and lifestyle adjustments tailored to your needs.

    • Emotional support and empowerment throughout your menopause journey.

  • Personalized Guidance: After our session, you’ll receive personalized recommendations to support your overall wellbeing, focusing on healthy approaches to managing menopause symptoms.

What to Expect:

  • A Partnership Approach: I am here to learn with you. Together, we’ll navigate the complexities of menopause, aiming to alleviate stress, enhance your understanding of your body, and empower you with the knowledge and tools for this significant life transition.

  • Insights at an Introductory Rate: This program is offered at a special rate in light of my certification journey, providing you with a valuable opportunity to receive support tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities of menopause.

Future Transition to Full Program:

Upon completion of my certification, this program will evolve into a comprehensive 4-month Menopause Support Package priced at $400, encompassing a broader range of support services and in-depth consultations. Engaging in this practicum program offers you early access and insight, laying the groundwork for continued support tailored to your evolving needs through menopause.

Seize This Unique Opportunity:

Don’t miss this chance to invest in your wellbeing during menopause with guided support and personalized care.

Contact me today to schedule your initial consultation, and let’s take the first step together towards a more empowered and understood menopause journey.

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