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About Me

Hey there! My name is Tiera ("teer-ah"). I am married and have three children (first through IUI) and have a passion for women's biology and sexuality! Anything to do with women's hormones, our reproductive system, sexual desire and pleasure is my jam! I truly believe that God created each of us uniquely and also gave us the tools to understand and make the most of every aspect of our bodies.

What I really want is for every woman I meet to walk away feeling good about her body and its incredible capabilities, no matter the diagnosis or challenges. My hope is for you to see yourself as the loved and cherished person you are, created beautifully and purposefully. Here's to feeling loved and learning to love ourselves even more.

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My Fertility Journey

As mentioned, our first child was conceived through IUI (intrauterine insemination). My husband and I experienced infertility for a couple years and it was one of the hardest journey's we've been on together! 


My husband had the latest stage of testicular cancer a few years earlier and we weren't sure if we would be able to to have children. Going through the months and months of the "2 week wait" was so difficult. The ups and downs of it all was very stressful and discouraging. 


We visited a fertility clinic, had a few tests and we were both found to be good and fertile. Although we were thrilled with the findings, especially with my husband's results, it still didn't explain why it wasn't happening. 


We decided to go through route of IUI next and we were so blessed that it worked for us the first time! 


The photo to the left is the picture of our little Mira, our "miracle." ❤️

My Training

I'm certified through Doula Training Canada. The program takes a holistic approach to fertility, training in not only the medical side of things but also training from other alternative health practices. 


Additional Training/Education includes:

- IVF/ART Support Workshop

- Supporting Fertility & Loss Clients Navigate the Holiday Season

- Hormone Health for Teenagers Course [CME Certified]

- Metobolic Health & Vitality For Women Over 40


I have also began my Menopause Doula training through the same institution and will be adding that to my services in the near future!


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I am a part of the Kingdom Sexuality Ministry which is a podcast and social media platform uncovers God's truth + design for sexual freedom within marriage. 
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