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Extensive IFV/IUI Support

Considering Assisted Conception?

Embarking on assisted reproductive treatments such as IVF or IUI can be both daunting and overwhelming. The procedures involve a significant investment of time, emotional energy, and often finances. It's understandable if you're feeling anxious or uncertain about what lies ahead.


As a Fertility Support Practitioner, my mission is to walk this path alongside you, offering knowledgeable guidance and emotional support every step of the way. Whether you're just starting to explore IVF or IUI as potential options, or are deep into the process, I am here to demystify the journey and empower you to make the best choices for your individual circumstances.


Together, we'll navigate the complexities of treatment protocols, side effects, and lifestyle adjustments. I will provide you with the tools, resources, and strategies needed to manage the challenges of assisted conception. By fostering a supportive and understanding environment, we can work towards the shared goal of expanding your family.

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Extensive IVF/IUI Support Package- $400

My 4-month IVF/IUI Support Package is tailored to equip you with the necessary understanding and assistance you require to navigate your assisted conception journey. This extensive package aims to alleviate stress, increase understanding, and empower you throughout this emotionally demanding time.


The comprehensive package includes:

A 60-minute initial consultation:


  • A thorough review of your reproductive history, any fertility issues, and current treatment plan 

  • Review of your specific IVF/IUI protocols and what to expect in each stage of the process 

  • Creation of a custom digital or printable timeline, to help you keep track of treatment milestones and manage potential side effects

  • Guidance in how to best prep your body ahead of your procedure


Three 30-minute follow-up appointments:


  • Discussion and analysis of your ongoing treatment progress 

  • Re-assessment of your reproductive health and emotional well-being Individualized recommendations for lifestyle and dietary changes to support your overall health and optimize your body for IVF/IUI treatment, which you can discuss with your doctor


With this Extensive IVF/IUI Support Package, you'll gain the knowledge, resources, and compassionate guidance necessary to better manage your assisted conception journey. By working together, we can address any uncertainties, prepare for potential challenges, and equip you with the emotional resilience needed to navigate this complex process.


Don't miss this opportunity to invest in your wellbeing during this significant life journey.


Contact me today to schedule your initial consultation and take the first step towards feeling more empowered, understood, and supported throughout your IVF/IUI journey!

Why 4 Months?

Embarking on an IVF/IUI journey can be both an exciting and intense experience, filled with hope and challenges. Understanding that this journey is not just a physical but also an emotional and logistical process, I've designed the 4-month IVF/IUI Support Package to provide comprehensive, step-by-step support tailored to your unique needs.

Over the course of four months, we’ll dive deep into preparing you physically, mentally, and emotionally for the journey ahead. The extended duration allows us to:

  • Thoroughly Understand Your Journey: Starting with a 60-minute initial consultation, we take the time to fully comprehend your reproductive history, current treatment plans, and how best to support you through the IVF/IUI process.

  • Customize and Adapt Your Support: With two follow-up appointments, we can closely monitor your progress, making real-time adjustments to our approach based on how your treatment and emotional well-being evolve.

  • Build Emotional Resilience: Navigating the highs and lows of assisted conception requires strength and resilience. This package is designed to equip you with coping strategies and emotional support to face each stage with confidence.

  • Empower with Knowledge and Resources: Beyond just the initial stages, our goal is to ensure you feel informed, prepared, and empowered throughout your treatment and beyond, offering continuous guidance and resources tailored to your journey.

  • Offer Sustained Support: The journey doesn’t end after the procedure; the fourth month is crucial for providing ongoing support as you wait for outcomes and plan next steps, ensuring you never feel alone during this process.

Choosing this 4-month package means giving yourself the gift of time — time to understand, prepare, and navigate your IVF/IUI journey with confidence and comprehensive support. Let’s take this step together, ensuring you feel empowered, understood, and supported every step of the way.

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