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It's a joy to share this space with you, where I've gathered a collection of resources that resonate with the same spirit of care and support I aim to provide. From trusted practitioners and insightful books to enriching online programs, each resource has been handpicked with you in mind. They're not just guides; they're extensions of the support and empowerment I wish to offer. Feel free to explore and uncover resources that can complement your journey!

Practitioners & Places- Okanagan, BC

Kare Physio - Corinne Wade, Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist

Corinne is the first practitioner I saw regarding my vulvar health. Her expertise changed the way I viewed so much of my body! She's amazing! If you have any urinary issues, painful sex, diastasis recti, scar tissue, etc, you need to go see her!

AltaVie - Anna-Marie Gierach, Chiropractor & Doula

You can find Anna-Marie at the wonderful women's clinic called AltaVie (a clinic that I would recommend in general as well!). She is incredibly passionate about women's health and truly takes the time to listen in her appointments. Not only will you get an amazing treatment, but you'll also feel like you just had a little therapy session. Plus- she's a doula too and runs birth classes!!

Aura Osteopathy - Ciera Knight, Manual Osteopath Practitioner

Osteopathy is one of those therapies that is hard to explain- it's like a mix between a physiotherapist and a chiropractor. Ciera is great at assessing your body as a whole and how it all functions together. Treatment is so gentle yet so effective! Highly recommend!  

Common Good Pharmacy - Vanessa Ojala, Pharmacist & Menopause Practitioner

Vanessa is the woman to see if you have any questions about hormone therapy, supplements or other medications that may help you in your menopause journey. She works with your primary healthcare provider to create a plan that works for you. She's NAMS certified, so she knows her stuff!

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